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Interlocking steel sheet piles come in a wide range of sections to suit applications ranging from simple trench support, to marine walls and cofferdams. Sheet piling is used for both temporary and permanent structures.

The interlocking clutches enable the sheets to form a continuous wall. The sheets can generally be extracted for re-use.

Compile has a wide range of driving and extraction equipment suitable for any application.

Compile lightweight sheet pile is used as temporary retaining for excavations for basements, road works, pump pits and many other applications. The sheets are often used as a backform for concrete wall casting or shotcrete application. Depending on design requirements, sheet piles can be installed to work in cantilever or in conjunction with mechanical ground anchors.

Compile light-weight sheet pile is manufactured locally using 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thick steel sheet to specified lengths. It is thinner than conventional interlocking sheetpiles. Compile sheetpile is usually left in the ground after serving its purpose. Sheet piles are installed using a high-frequency vibratory hammer attached to a track mounted excavator.

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