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Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting is the filling by grout injection of accessible pores between the solid particles in a permeable soil by grout without disturbing the structure of the soil. It is a technique that is generally used to reduce ground permeability and control groundwater flow but also can be used to strengthen and stiffen the soil mass.

  • Systems of applications
  • Tube a Manchette (TAM) Grouting
  • End of Casing Grouting
  • Lancing (Spears) Grouting

The selection of grout type will depend on the soil and end product requirements. Common grout types used for permeation grouting are as follows:

  • General Purpose Cement or Bends
  • High Early Strength Cement Grout
  • Micro-fine Cement
  • Silicate Gel
  • Polyurethane

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