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Jet grouting

Jet grouting is a method of mixing in-situ soils with a stabilizer (usually neat cement grout). The stabilizer is injected at very high pressures (between 300 bar and 600 bar) through a nozzle(s) of small diameter. The grout is injected at high velocity, which enables the jet grouting process to destroy the natural matrix of the soil and create through the mixing of the stabilizer with the in-situ soils a new soil cement matrix. This results in a homogeneous and continuous structural element with predetermined characteristics. Jet grouting can be applied to a wide range of soils from non-cohesive, poorly graded granular soils to cohesive plastic clays.

Key applications of the jet grouting process include soil stabilization, excavation support systems, structural underpinning, seepage barrier/cutoff walls and environmental remediation.

The main advantages that jet grouting are as follows:

  • Predetermined quantity of the stabilizer to be injected per unit volume of in-situ soil
  • Final strength of the stabilized soil can be predetermined
  • Permeability of the stabilized soil can be predetermined

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