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Grout Mix Piles

Grout mix piles can be used in a range of applications such as foundation support for light structures, the prevention of sliding for high banking/excavation, the prevention of ground heaving, the reduction of settlement by improving ground bearing capacity, retaining walls and improving on-site accessibility.

The Grout Mix Pile is a soil improvement technique which is used to improve the strength of the sub-soil. By mixing ordinary Portland cement with the soil, the soil strength is increased significantly.

Grout Mix Piles are individually installed, usually in an overlapping pattern so as to form a complete block of stabilized soil or, using a triple head auger in a contiguous fashion to form a Soil Mix Wall.

The diameter of the GMP range from 700mm to 2,200mm and may be installed to a depth of 27 metres.

The advantages of grout mix piles include - ability to install deep piles, minimal impact on ground heaving, no vibration, minimal noise and environmental pollution, impermeable retaining wall, fast and efficient and cost effective.

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