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Ground Anchors

Compile Ryobi offer a full range of anchoring solutions ranging from mechanical anchors for temporary sheet piled excavations to multi-strand double corrosion protection post grouted anchors for high capacity retaining.

Typical applications for temporary anchors include temporary retaining during base construction periods before base slab props are constructed. For this application hollow bar grouted anchors are commonly used due to their relatively low cost and speed of application compared to other retaining solutions.

Mechanical Anchors

Steel mechanical ground anchors are used as an anchoring system to restrain sheet pile or steel beams against the lateral loads applied when face excavation occurs. The anchors may be installed using an excavator mounted hydraulic impactor or small rotary percussive drill rig.

The mechanical ground anchors installed by Compile are fabricated steel units, driven horizontally into the ground through penetrations cut in the sheetpile. The anchor itself features a bearing plate that rotates when stressed.

The ground anchor has either a threaded steel rod or a braided steel flexible strand attached to it when driven, connecting the anchor to the sheet pile or beam to be positioned.

A profiled face plate is placed over the anchor strand with a tapered barrel and wedge system to lock-off the anchor at the required tension or load.

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